13C / Branding

13C / Branding

13C is the cultural network of Channel 13's media holding. For the second time, we were invited to work on the channel's on-air identity, where we embraced an eclectic language inspired by the idea that culture encompasses us all and that we each contribute something unique. Everything we love comes together in a composition crafted from different parts, yet it achieves unity by integrating into a whole brimming with beauty.


13C is a channel that represents the multiple expressions of contemporary life. Our culture is built from parts of these expressions, and together they form our society: diverse, full of colors, different shapes, and multiple textures.

Based on this concept, we explored that the construction of the 13C logo would be an expression of these multiple elements that, when combined, generate beauty and unity.

Rescuing this concept of collective construction, we designed a series of IDs that represent the thematic areas of the channel: Sustainability, Healthy Living, Food, Travel, Art, and News Information.

At 13C, we are protagonists of our experiences in how we approach culture.

In the development of on-air image, diverse elements are always present, multiple forms always in action of meeting and building a collective culture.

Thank you for reviewing this project, a joint effort with the creative team of Canal 13.